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Jul 11,2013 -     Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Wireless training for photographers. From wireless for a photographer adjacent to a sales point or for a group of photographers sending back from 1km+ to the sales team you will learn about how to configure popular wireless systems to achieve a fully functioning set up. Date 11th July in Bournemouth including refreshments and a working buffet lunch. This wont be a day of sitting at a table trying to take in loads of info and wondering how you will possibly remember it. Presentations and demonstrations will be practical and aimed at showing you how to set this stuff up, explanations and the understanding of some basic concepts and some hands on work. Concepts and demonstrations of alternatives to WFT's will be covered. Limitations and gotchas will provide a list of things to watch out for. There will be a full set of course notes and a check list for problem solving in the field. You should be able to take on the set up and testing of a local wireless point and understand how to select and set up a longer range wireless point by the end of the day. It will cover the practical problems faced by photographers when using this technology and will present fall back solutions for getting you working in the field. There will be some theory but a lot of hard won practical knowledge will be balancing this.


The Queens Hotel
Meyrick Road
Bournemouth, BH13DL

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